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Assured Biodegradable and Non Toxic Products Possible with HEMP Vision

To meet today’s escalating demand for food, fabric, fuel, and other products is a formidable task; and to achieve it without compromising on environmental values is indeed a challenging one. This requires an unflinching commitment towards ecological ethos, unconventional practices in cultivation, and continuous research and innovation. Namrata Hemp Company (NHCO), a start-up firm based out of Bangalore, has taken this challenge head on. We aim to strike the seemingly impossible balance between markets and environmental ethos by tapping the possibilities of a largely underused botanical resource – Industrial Hemp!

Where conservation meets quality

NHCO was established with the simple yet powerful mission of creating 100% non-toxic, pollution-free, and biodegradable products from organically-grown hemp plants.more

Affordable hemp products for a toxic-free lifestyle

The Research and Development team at NHCO try relentlessly to make international quality hemp products available in India, that too at highly affordable prices.more

Produce, empower, and conserve

The farming and production activities carried out by NHCO are firmly rooted in a simple motto: produce, empower, and conserve. By cultivating hemp in India on a commercial scale with the help of local farming communities and by introducing a variety of organic hemp products to the market,more

Making the right footprints

The members of NHCO dream of making our world free of negative carbon footprints of any kind. By introducing an impressive portfolio of hemp products,
we hope to leave footprints of a pollution-free, toxic-free culture for our generation and the generations to come. After all, the right footprints matter, don’t they?


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