what we do

What We Do

At NHCO, we are committed to creating a complete and sustainable hemp eco-system and making hemp-based products an integral part of a healthy and toxic-free consumer culture. To this end, we involve in a wide range of activities that not only give commercial visibility to hemp but also enable meaningful linkages between various industry players and stakeholders. The main activities of NHCO can be classified under four broad categories – research, cultivation, production, and knowledge dissemination.

Scientific Research and Development

Rigorous and ongoing research is a prerequisite of cultivating industrial hemp on a commercial scale in the Indian subcontinent. NHCO’s Research and Development unit is set up with three chief objectives in mind. Firstly, we conduct research on developing high-quality and high-yielding hemp seeds that have excellent nutritional profiles and are suitable for the geographic and climatic conditions in India. Secondly, our lab and testing units ensure that the plants cultivated in our farms are 100% free of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and any other chemical traces. Thirdly, we intend to carry out research on the commercial possibilities of industrial hemp such that new hemp-based products can be introduced to the market every year.


Cultivation Of Industrial Hemp

Hemp-based products can be made available to Indian consumers at affordable rates if and only if we start cultivating industrial hemp locally in India. In-country cultivation reduces the cost of importing raw hemp materials for production, and also guarantees that the safety and quality measures prescribed by the government are met at every stage. With these objectives in mind, NHCO has reserved 15 acres of its farm exclusively for the cultivation of industrial hemp with the help of local farmer communities. The hemp plants cultivated in our farm are 100% organic; no chemical pesticides or fertilizers will be used in any phase of the cultivation process.

Production Of Hemp-based Products

Another pivotal part of NHCO’s activities is the production of hemp-based products. We are dedicated to exploring the full commercial potential of hemp by introducing a wide range of products. Here is our proposed product portfolio:

  • Food: We intend to bring to the market a diverse array of food products for daily use including hemp protein powder, hemp protein bars, cold pressed hemp oil, hemp flour, and hemp chocolates.
  • Fabric: Our product portfolio of fabric includes hemp garments, hemp yarn, raw fiber, and other hemp-based accessories.
  • Plastic: NHCO aims to offer hemp as a healthy and biodegradable alternative for plastic by introducing hemp carry bags, hemp plastic materials, hemp bottles, and hemp fiberglass.
  • Other by-products: In addition to our main product portfolio, we also intend to explore the possibilities hemp for making a number of by-products. Currently, our focus is on making cosmetics and other beauty products using the oil extracted from hemp seeds and generating biogas from the hemp waste.
  • Raw material: Besides these products and by-products, NHCO also plans to import raw materials extracted from industrial hemp. Manufacturing companies and industries all over the world can use such raw materials to make a number of products, including hempcrete and other construction materials.

Creating Awareness About Hemp

Despite its manifold uses and benefits, hemp still remains one of the most underused and misjudged agricultural resources, primarily because it shares the same botanical family as marijuana. At NHCO, we not only cultivate industrial hemp or make hemp-based products but also take the ethical responsibility for creating awareness among people about the benefits of hemp. Our awareness activities will focus on farmers, consumers, and policymakers alike.

  • Farmers: By educating farmers and introducing farming schemes that are beneficial to them, we intend to boost their confidence to take up hemp cultivation.
  • Consumers: As for consumers, our primary focus is to help them offload the misgivings they have about hemp by making them aware of its nutritional and ecological benefits. To this effect, we intend to conduct social media campaigns, publish scientific articles on our blog, and kick-start an informed discussion among consumers through multiple platforms.
  • Policymakers: By facilitating scientific research and strengthening the linkages between different stakeholders and policymakers, we strive to give industrial hemp more agricultural and commercial visibility.

Through these activities and systematic interventions, NHCO aims for a future where hemp products successfully make their way to our houses and markets.