Research And Development


For agility, longevity, and quality

The heart of NHCO’s mission is to introduce a wide range of hemp-based products such that they help create a healthy, toxic-free and better lifestyle. This mission is often met with several challenges such as developing high-quality seeds, ensuring chemical-free cultivation and production, guaranteeing the longevity and quality of products, and bringing new products to the market periodically, to mention a few. Fortunately, there is a fail-safe solution to most of these challenges – RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT!


Systematic scientific research for better leverage

At NHCO, we believe that a complete hemp ecosystem can be made possible only through steadfast and holistic efforts, the keystone of which is systematic research. Consequently, we place heavy emphasis on scientific research activities and our upcoming R&D facility is fully equipped to face all challenges head on. Our proposed labs, research units, and testing centers are situated inside our farm in the Alamuru Village, Andhra Pradesh.

A snapshot of the research activities at NHCO

The research and development undertakings of NHCO strive to pay meticulous attention to every minute aspect of cultivation and production of industrial hemp and hemp-based products. With this objective in mind, our upcoming research facility focuses on three prime areas. Here is a snapshot of them:

  • Development of seeds: The quality of seeds used for cultivation is a chief factor contributing to the yield and quality of hemp plants, and consequently, the quality of end products. One of the key areas of our focus will be the development of hemp seeds that are high in quality, yield, and nutritional profiles. Our upcoming research units also focus on developing hemp seeds suitable for Indian climate and soil. This will not only enable us to provide high-quality seeds to local farmers at discounted rates but also give us considerable control over both quality and yield.
  • Product development research: In order to bring about a hemp-based consumer culture, it is essential that NHCO introduces diverse products into the market at regular intervals. In addition to food and fabric, our product development team intends to analyze and explore the commercial potential of hemp for making plastic, hemp fiber, automobile body parts, biogas, cosmetics, etc. With relentless research and continuous market analysis, our R&D team expects to bring at least 2 hemp products to the market every year.
  • Quality assurance activities: The most remarkable hallmark of NHCO products is that they are pollution-free, toxic-free, organic, and biodegradable. It is a formidable task to create a product that ticks all these boxes, and this is where the labs and testing centers at our upcoming R&D facility gain their significance. Our research team is dedicated to developing techniques and methods that eliminate chemicals at every phase of cultivation, processing, and production. Our stringent research will also ensure that the products we bring to the market are chemical-free, yet with international quality, high longevity, and long shelf-life.

Currently, we are in discussion with highly qualified and experienced scientists and researchers who will join hands with us to fulfill our mission.