Our Story

The next step in the process was to study the market, and they did it intently and thoroughly. After having done their research, Harshaavardhan and Namrata understood three things. Firstly, people in India lack awareness about hemp products and their benefits; secondly, the hemp-based products available in the market today are extremely limited in quantity as well as variety; and thirdly, most products available in the market are imported and as a result, they are way too expensive for daily consumption. They knew they should come up with a solution that addresses these three issues simultaneously – it should create awareness about the benefits of industrial hemp, bring out a wide range of products, and the products should be cost-effective for the common man.

It was during the period of such brainstorming that the Government of India launched its Make in India campaign. Harshaavardhan and Namrata were quite inspired by the idea of making international quality products available in India at affordable prices. After much consultation, research, and deliberation, they decided to start a company that innovates through scientific research, cultivates industrial hemp in-farm with the help of rural farmer communities, and manufactures and markets hemp-based products. Thus, in April 2016, Namrata Hemp Company aka NHCO was established with Bangalore as its headquarters. With a strong vision and well-defined mission, NHCO hopes to reach new heights and revolutionize hemp industry in the years to come.

They did extensive research on the subject and eventually found an excellent solution – industrial hemp. Products made from industrial hemp are biodegradable, toxic-free and pollution-free; they don’t leave any kind of negative carbon footprints either. If hemp plants are grown organically under optimal conditions, all traces of chemicals and other harmful toxins can be eliminated right from the beginning. What’s more, industrial hemp is an extremely versatile crop that can be used to make a wide range of products we require in our day-to-day lives, from food and fabric to fuel and plastic.

A humble mission begins

Most of the products we use in our day-to-day lives contain chemicals and fossil fuels that leave negative carbon footprints on the earth. As a result, modern markets and lifestyle are often at loggerheads with ecological sustainability and environmental values. Harshaavardhan and Namrata realized that a holistic approach is required to clear the world of the harmful effects of carbon footprints, and they decided to work towards creating a pollution-free, toxic-free, and ecologically sustainable culture and lifestyle. But then they were faced with the most crucial question: “How”?

Know the founding members of NHCO

The story of NHCO begins from the relentless efforts and passionate endeavors of an entrepreneur couple, Harshaavardhan Redi Sirupa and Namrata Reddy Sirupa, to establish a company that fits their ecological ethos. After having earned their postgraduate degrees from the Unites States, they both successfully pursued their individual careers for a few years. Later, they jointly managed the operations of the companies founded and run by their family. It was during these initial years of their career that they became acutely aware of the importance of ecological sustainability.