Our Mission


Mission Statement

“Our mission is to explore the commercial as well as the industrial potential of industrial hemp as a multipurpose crop and bring about meaningful changes in the consumer behavior through large-scale cultivation, industrial production, and commercial trading of hemp and hemp products across the Indian continent.”


Mission Statement Explained

Big and groundbreaking changes often start with simple steps, and for us, the first step is to sow the seeds of a healthy hemp-based culture. To this end, we aim to initiate a long-term process that involves the scientific development of hemp seeds, rigorous research on the industrial and commercial uses of hemp, large-scale cultivation of the plant in our farms, and manufacturing and marketing of hemp products across the country. The crux of our mission is to tap every possible potential of industrial hemp such that it gives consumers healthy alternatives for food, fabric, fuel, and many other daily essentials and raw materials.


Creating a hemp-based culture for ecological sustainability is a long-term process, which not only takes several years and but also calls for collective efforts from various players and stakeholders in the industry. However, with the above vision and mission in mind, NHCO has identified a number of immediate objectives. They are:

  • To work towards generating awareness about hemp products
  • To conduct large-scale scientific research for developing hemp seeds that fit the local growing conditions in India
  • To equip farmers to take up agricultural hemp cultivation through education, farming schemes and programs, and continuous support
  • To provide high-quality, high-yielding and disease-resistant hemp seeds to local farmers at highly affordable rates
  • To carry out research for the development and production of hemp plastic, hempcrete, and hemp fiber
  • To contribute towards rural development and poverty alleviation by offering farmers employment and security across the year