Infrastructure and Facilities


NHCO is established with the aim of providing end-to-end solutions for a hemp-based consumer culture. We engage in a wide range of activities such as developing high-quality seeds, conducting research on product development, cultivating industrial hemp on a commercial scale, manufacturing hemp products, and marketing them across the Indian subcontinent and abroad, to mention a few. Every component of our infrastructure is designed keeping in mind the requirements, demands, and challenges this long journey may present before us. Here is a snapshot of our infrastructure and facilities:


Our farm

With the objective of cultivating organic and high-quality industrial hemp plants, NHCO has set up a farm in Alamuru, a small village situated in Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh. Of the total 27 acres of this sprawling property, 15 acres are reserved exclusively for the cultivation of industrial hemp with the help of local farming communities. The farm has good soil quality, excellent irrigation amenities, and other agricultural facilities and conditions required for growing hemp on a commercial scale.

Our labs and testing units

The labs and testing units to be established in the remaining 12 acres of the farm serve as the most seminal components of NHCO’s infrastructure. The seed development and product research are carried out in the labs; our testing units are equipped with the machinery and facilities to ensure that every product that goes out of our company is free of chemicals and meets all quality requirements prescribed by regulatory bodies. Moreover, random samples will be collected and checked regularly to ensure that the plants grown in our farms don’t contain any kind of chemical traces, whatsoever.


Our processing and production units

NHCO’s upcoming units for processing and production are also to be set up within the farm property. The harvested plants are taken to these processing units, where they undergo a number of processes by which different parts of the plant are segregated. Each part segregated and extracted in this manner reaches its respective production units; for instance, seeds will be sent to the food/oil production unit and hurds will be processed further in the fabric unit, while hemp waste will be sent to the bio gas units.

Our warehouses

The quality and longevity of products derived from hemp depend greatly on the conditions under which they are stored. Likewise, the seeds developed by our R&D team are also to be stored before they are distributed to farmers. The warehouses of NHCO are fully equipped to store both products and seeds under defined conditions for optimal longevity and quality. We ensure that our warehouses are built with the capacity to store large quantities of products and seeds for long periods of time without any kind of quality deterioration.


Our headquarters

NHCO is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, as it is a strategic location conducive to start-up companies. Our core management team works from the headquarters, although they make periodic visits to the farm. All operations related to marketing, finance, and accounting also take place in our Bangalore office.