NHCO: Looking and leaping into a toxic-free future

Namrata Hemp Company, popularly known by its acronym NHCO, is a Bangalore based start-up established in the year 2016. Founded and headed by two visionaries, Harshaavardhan Redi Sirupa and Namrata Reddy Sirupa, the company seeks to introduce a healthy, toxic-free, and pollution-free consumer culture in India through the cultivation of industrial hemp and production of a wide range of hemp-based products.


Currently, NHCO is in the initial stages of spearheading its long-term mission by setting up a hemp farm in Alamuru, a small village in Andhra Pradesh. The farm is situated on a sprawling 27 acres of land, where 15 acres of it are reserved exclusively for cultivating industrial hemp plants; the remaining 12 acres of the farm are set apart for processing units, warehouses, and R&D facilities such as labs, testing centers, etc. As the awareness about industrial hemp spreads among people and the demand for hemp products increases, we plan to explore further possibilities of this magic crop and expand in-farm cultivation on a larger scale.

Rigorous and continuous research is the backbone of NHCO’s endeavors and our products testify to the care and quality that has gone into each and every step in the process. Our upcoming R&D department operates with the mission of developing high-quality and high-yielding hemp seeds that are suitable for Indian soil and ensuring that the plants cultivated in our farm are fully free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.Another key focus of the R&D team is to conduct research on the wide-ranging possibilities of hemp fiber. Backed by strenuous research and by using organically cultivated hemp, we aim to bring to the market a wide array of hemp products including hemp oil, protein powder, protein bars, hemp seed flour, fabric, plant fiber, bottles carry bags, hemp yarn, and hempcrete, to mention a few. Our plans for future also include making hemp byproducts, such as cosmetics, and generating biogas from hemp waste.

NHCO is a company with a robust and dynamic vision which is further backed by its well-defined corporate responsibility. We emphasize the importance of ethical practices in everything we do, be it research, farming, manufacturing, or commercial marketing. By producing toxic-free and biodegradable products, we strive to create awareness about industrial hemp among Indian as well as international customers.We further aid manufacturers by providing hemp-based raw materials for various industry requirements, thereby extending the commercial visibility of industrial hemp. More importantly, we do not forget our responsibility towards local farmers, who are our strongest pillars in this long-term mission. We stand with them in each step of this mission and offer them every kind of support they need, and in so doing, we hope to create an enabling space where local farming communities can develop and flourish.